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Is “information use management” the same as “information management”?

Is “information use management” the same as “information management”? The answer is “NO”. Information management focuses on decision making whereas information use management is aimed at task execution as illustrated in the figure.

Information use management recognises humans, artefacts and events as information users in contrast to information management which is mainly focused on humans. Consequently the definitions of load, usability, interoperatability, format and similar information related concepts and constructs are different in view of the different profiles of the resources, transportation agents and users of information.

Information use communication takes place at the point of use in contrast to generic information communication which can occur outside the time of use. For example a jig on the factory floor is meaningless except when it is used to position a part and therefore communicates dimensions at the time of use. Information use management integrates experience in the system through codification and systematic record keeping while information management does not.